I Hate the Internet
ZX Spectrum Prequel (SOLD OUT)

Magnetic Tape
Compact Cassette
10 Minutes Audio
8 Minutes Data
October 2015

About Exclusive ZX Spectrum Prequel to I Hate the Internet

So you're unhappy about the state of social progress in the United States. What are you going to do about it? Tweet? Post a photo of your mojito on Instagram?

There are no good options. All forms of protest and dissent have been monetized by the very companies you despise. Here in the future, nothing goes unsullied.

Yet there remains one place where you can stage a wallet protest without funneling cash into the Pockets of the Fifteen. We Heard You Like Books is proud to offer the last legitimate form of digital revolt: an agitprop video game for a long defunct British microcomputer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The official Spectrum exclusive prequel to Jarett Kobek's forthcoming novel I Hate the Internet, this deliberately archaic software offers all the chronic anger issues that can be crammed into 48 Kilobytes of memory. Play four mini-games spanning the full experience of the Bay Area's capitalist insanity!

Can you find user privacy in the Facebook campus? Will the Google Killbus sacrifice enough lives to make satiate the bloodlust of Larry Page? Will you heed Steve Jobs's commands from the dankest recesses of Hell?

To find out, type LOAD and hit enter!

Arriving on a glorious blue magnetic tape cassette, I Hate the Internet: Exclusive ZX Spectrum Prequel includes the following:

  • Cassette inlay, including the previously unpublished essay "A Spectrum of Digital Activism."
  • Side A: The game.
  • Side B: Jarett Kobek reading an excerpt from the novel I Hate the Internet.
  • Much disgust for your overlords and masters.
  • A digital copy of the game in .TZX format.

Cover artwork, "The Sentinel," provided through kind permission of D.X. Stone.

Find D.X. Stone online at: https://www.patreon.com/dxstone