A World Without Apple + Other Tech Disasters

Iphgenia Baal


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Magnetic Tape
Compact Cassette
24 Minutes Audio
February 2017

About A World Without Apple + Other Tech Disasters

# 1: A World Without Apple (12.06)

Whilst rejecting the ‘death poem’ form, this creepy coded communiqué drafted in the wake of the news of the death of Violent Nihilist Steve Jobs, retains the oriental tradition of lauding the rectitude of being Nobody. The original text was written on 7 Oct 2012. The subsequent audio recordings were made in Dec 2016, on the No. 8 bus on Bethnal Green Rd. and at The Cock Tavern on Kilburn High St., London. The futility of such an expression is compounded by all audio being recorded on an iPhone 5 and mixed on a MacBook Argh. Mixed by Flo Gardens.

# 2: Green Felt Hate (1.57)

“You’re dashboard is literally on fire!!!” Audio recording made in Bethnal Green, Nov 2015. “They love you the garden hose people.” Recorded reciting of subject lines of spam email notifications, arriving en masse upon the relaunch of the Mail app after an iMac crash. Recorded + mixed by Kieronanon.


# 1: Phone Line Dead (6.22)

A grim business, composed of a botched account of a hatchet job at a suicide attempt, as miscommunicated between persons via mobile phone. Original text published in form of vodafone bill in Schizm #8, Oct 2015. Subsequent audio recording made Dec 2016. Mixed by Flo Gardens.

# 2: Heavy Vibrations (7.07)

Audio rip from original film soundtrack. “Static newsreel freed from the usual psychological constraints of transmittance AKA classic polemic AKA apolitical anti-propaganda that begins with nothing and ends with the simple odds for entering into a wager with the angels…”. Mixed by bearsthinkingabout.

Time is a Sausage

Iphgenia Baal

About Iphgenia Baal

iPhgenia Baal is the author of The Hardy Tree, Gentle Art and Merced Es Benz, and the producer of assorted print ephemera. She also talks/reads, when and where invited. AWWA+OTD is her first audio-only release.

About Collaborators

Flo Gardens is a London-born composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work is of a sci-fi and psychogeographic nature. As well as occasionally playing live alone, she is the drummer for drone metal band Void.

Kieronan was 1/4 of The All New Accelerators, 1/6 of Jack to Jack and 1/2 of Longmeg. He is also 1/2 of The Nervemeter.