Pyrotechnics: A Spineless Essay of Ultraist Literature

Hilda Mundy, Translated by Jessica Sequeira

100 pp
ISBN: 978-0996421867
Price: 12.95 American
October 2017

About Pyrotechnics: A Spineless Essay of Ultraist Literature

In Pyrotechnics: A spineless essay of Ultraist literature (1936)​, over the course of ​seventy prose poems, ​inspired by everything from magazine pop culture to high art, ​Mundy capture​s​ the noise of the metropolis, the effect​s​ of transformations​ in technology​, ​​the changes in ​​sensibility and behavior​ she sees in her contemporaries,​ and​ the new ​professional aspirations of wome​​n.

Hilda Mundy

About Hilda Mundy

Hilda Mundy (1912-1982) is the pseudonym of Laura Villanueva Rocabado, an avant-garde Bolivian writer who ​​published just one book in her life​, when she was twenty-four years old -- Pyrotechnics: A spineless essay on Ultraist literature (1936)​. ​In addition to Pyrotechnics, Mundy published a great deal of journalistic poetry, occasionally under pseudonyms, such as her personal impressions of the War of the Chaco -- but never another book.

Jessica Sequeira ​​​is a writer and translator ​from Spanish and French. ​This year she has out a collection of stories (Rhombus and Oval, What Books) and a translation (Liliana Colanzi's Our Dead World, Dalkey Archive).