Only Americans Burn in Hell

Jarett Kobek

250 pp
ISBN: 978-0-578-52971-4
Price: 16.95 American
October 2019

Advanced Praise for OABIH

“There's a chance that when the dust settles on the cultural and political insanity of the early 21st Century, only one writer will remain relevant: Jarett Kobek. With scathing wit, shocking insight, and brutal honesty Kobek demolishes social media and the publishing industry, introduces us to a Saudi Prince hopped up on DMT, and conjures perhaps the most important and hilarious faerie story ever written. If you don't think this book is essential reading, you are very, very wrong.”

—Ivy Pochoda

“This time Kobek has called all of his own craziest bluffs and rocketed straight over the ionosphere, into sheer blue sky and beyond – this book breathes in outer space. One wishes the phrase “takes no prisoners” had been saved for when we’d need it. If you don’t find yourself busting a gut laughing, then you’re probably still in denial of how deeply you feel implicated.”

—Jonathan Lethem

Only Americans Burn in Hell is a smoking hot and hilarious dissection of why the world is in such a mess right now. While you watch Jarett Kobek pour gasoline on everything—international politics, Internet culture, the book business, American presidents, Christianity, capitalism, the fantasy genre—you will be so mesmerised and laugh so much that your faith in humanity will be restored by the time he lights the match. Jarett Kobek is one of our most groundbreaking writers.”

—Dorthe Nors

About Only Americans Burn in Hell

If you still want to play the game of American life, then you had better learn to lie. Kneel before false gods. Pretend to care about the ruling class and their illusions. Keep your head down. Pray that no one sees you.

Your world is one of endless interruption and constant despair. This is not the future you were promised.

What if someone had navigated the chaos of the Twenty-First Century and solved the puzzle of America’s blinding and relentless informational assault? And what if they had put that solution into a novel that explained everything?

This is Only Americans Burn in Hell, true believer.

Rapturously reviewed in the United Kingdom, it’s your only guide to 2020 and beyond.

Just remember: every suicide needs its note.

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Jarett Kobek

About Jarett Kobek

Jarett Kobek is an internationally bestselling Turkish-American writer who lives in California. His work has been translated into nine languages and published in twelve countries. His previous books include ATTA, I Hate the Internet, and Do Every Thing Wrong!: XXXTentacion Against the World.