Love, Gay Style

Hollywood Harlots


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August 2022

About Love, Gay Style

Do you know what 1972 sounds like?

Originally distributed from the dodgiest parts of Los Angeles, Love, Gay Style by the Hollywood Harlots is an entry in the poorly explored sub-subgenre of vinyl pornography. Side A is a twelve minute recording entitled “Young Lovers.” Side B is ten minutes of “S+M Party.”

It’s hard to imagine much of an audience for the album's original release in the Golden Age of Porn. The record is advertised in underground newspapers catering to an urban audience. Why spend $6.46 on an album when you can go to West Hollywood and walk upon the hallowed ground of The Paris Theatre?

The onslaught of years changes things. Listen now—particularly Side A—and the cheap production, a microphone in a room without any edits, reveals itself as a field recording from another world. You can watch any movie of the era and get some small sense of how things might have been but everything is mediated, edited, changed. With Love, Gay Style, it’s uncut, pure, and a cry from the heart against eternity. This is how it was to be alive. All of human beauty, in its transcendence and fragility, is unfurled.

Step into the time machine.