Leonora Come Down

Agustin Aguilar

Trade Paperback
80 pp
ISBN: 978-0996421829
Price: 12.95 American
September 2016

About Leonora Come Down

Giants made of rock. People made of clay. The moon who walks the earth as a man and digs through garbage. Fairy tales told by a primitive lake people, nothing more.

In Wiskatchekwa, reality is made of firmer, cleaner stuff. So the town thinks.

Beneath layers of sediment in the ancient lakebed, Wiskatchekwa keeps secrets. It may be why Arturo, a boy, has brought home a sentient basalt pyramid, or why he begins to see a triangular shadow cast by his body. In his town, rumors and suspicions swirl about in the wind, and truth, he finds, is a creature that lives in a lake. A lake, along with the inhabitants along its shore, that may be returning to their land.

Agustin Aguilar

About Agustin Aguilar

Agustin Aguilar is a Mexican-American writer from the Midwest. He’s suffered New York and Los Angeles. He has a BA from Columbia University. Leonora Come Down is his debut.