Two New Books Arrive At the Warehouse and Someone is There to Find Them

As part of the victory march that is 2016, We Heard You Like Books is happy to announce the arrival of Agustin Aguilar's Leonora Come Down and Mike Kleine's Kanley Stubrick.

Review copies are available upon request!

there was a time

Worlds Collide When William E. Jones Visits the Sick and Wrong Podcast

William E. Jones, author of the forthcoming True Homosexual Experiences: Boyd McDonald and Straight to Hell, made a recent visit to the long-running Sick and Wrong Podcast, resulting in what surely is the most filthy interview of Jones's career, a meeting between the amok culture of Los Angeles and the socio-political prurient activism of Boyd McDonald!

Click here to listen. But not at work. (Or in the presence of anyone you want to respect you in the morning.)

Why is the Press a Sausage Convention?

When one looks over the 2016 roster of titles on We Heard You Like Books, one can't help but notice a common denominator: the press is really heavy on dudes.

Where are the writers who aren't men?

The short answer is that life is really, really complicated.

The long answer is that when we started the press, we commissioned an equal number of titles from men as from women, but for disparate reasons unique to each title, our women writers have required more time on their projects.

(To avoid future headaches: this isn't casting blame in anyone's direction. All of this stuff takes time. We'd rather wait on a book than dump some crap into the market. A handful of books by men have also been delayed.)

Anyway, no one's more embarrassed than us.

Bret Easton Ellis Hates the Internet

The most recent issue of France's Les Inrocks contains a fascinating photograph of Bret Easton Ellis, laying in his bed, perusing reading material.

Bret Easton Ellis hates the internet Photo © 2016, taken by Patrick Fraser for Les Inrockuptibles.

White People Upset at City Lights Bookstore

February 16, 2016: At 7PM, Jarett Kobek and Kevin Killian began a conversation in the Poetry Room of San Francisco's famed City Lights Bookstore. This was a mercenary effort in support of Kobek's new novel I Hate the Internet.

During a routine discussion of why Twitter is a cesspool clogged with the detritus of the human mind, a drunken beatnik named Denny-- who had come upstairs to read Gregory Corso's Gasoline-- found himself outraged on behalf of a formless social media website. A lively discussion occurred.

Conversation after the event revealed that Denny has been on Twitter for a week.